The aim of the SoB! is to ensure every household in the local area is aware of the CCG proposal to remove the beds from the our hospital. It also allows residents the chance to respond and make their views known by completing the CCG Consultation Questionnaire.

The task is mammoth and our time limited.

We urgently require Volunteers from every road, street, close, lane and village.


Please contact us by phone or email.

SR – Street Representative

AIM to visit every house with the CCG questionnaire

  1. Ask if they are aware of the CCG’s proposal – if not, offer out consultation document and stress the importance of completing the questionnaire on-line or by post but most of all, express their view on the CCG proposal for North Dorset.
  2. Ask if they would be happy to volunteer with the current campaign.

SVC – Street/Village Coordinator

AIM – to find and oversee 10-15 SRs

  1. Find and brief SRs
  2. Deliver petition kit and Consulation Documents to SRs
  3. Follow-up SRs and assist with questions and other queries
  4. Collect in Questionnaires and petitions
  5. Seek feedback from SRs
  6. Return questionnaires & petitions to AC

AC – Area Coordinator

AIM – to find, train and oversee SCs in towns and rural areas

  1. Liaise directly with the committee
  2. Find necessary number of SCs required
  3. Take responsibility for the designated area to see that every household is approached.
  4. Collect in all petitions and calculate total number of signatories