SoB! Headquarter Launch

Local campaigners gather outside the new headquarters of the Save Our Beds! campaign at 45 High Street, Shaftesbury, after its opening on Monday [6 Feb]. The campaign is hoping to get as many people as possible to object to plans by NHS Dorset to close the inpatient beds at Westminster Memorial Hospital in Shaftesbury. The hospital, opened in 1874 in memory of the second Marquess of Westminster, serves patients from a wide area of both north Dorset and south west Wiltshire, including Tisbury and Mere. But campaigners are complaining that Dorset Care Commission Group (CCG) carrying out the NHS review is not properly consulting anyone outside Dorset. Campaigners (from left to right) are former town and district councillor Richard Thomas, former Shaftesbury mayor Ray Humphries, Jane Unwin, town and district councillor Piers Brown, town councillor Lester Taylor, campaign director Julian Prichard, Steve Unwin, Shaftesbury mayor John Lewer, district councillor Derek Beer, Gillingham mayor Barry von Clemens, Shaftesbury & District Task Force director Melanie Froggatt, and former Shaftesbury mayor Lester Dibben.

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