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To fill in the questionnaire online please click here.

You may also follow this link to view the full accompanying consultation document.

Beware, the first question is a leading one, “To what extent do you agree or disagree that our proposal to provide services closer to people’s homes using community teams based at local community hubs will deliver better care?” Agreeing to this will actually mean medical beds further away from our homes and the potential loss of the Shaftesbury Beds.

It would be really helpful if all those who do take part online can take a moment to send us your address. This is really important as it allows us to monitor the statistics of where the respondents reside, and therefore the relevance of the consultation process. We don’t need to know your name.

Just fill in the comments box below with your address and post it to us. Thank you

12 thoughts on “Fill in the Questionnaire

  1. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the questionnaire as notice of it did not appear in the Hindon and nearby parishes until March. It is extremely necessary to keep beds nearby as other hospitals are many miles away and impossible to reach without a car, both for patients and visitors.

  2. I support this campaign entirely, having recently spent two months in hospital (Salisbury), my daughter and husband visiting me every day, travelling on five busses a day (we have no car), so I am therefore painfully aware of the need for hospital beds in more remote areas, due to the importance of families being able to visit their loved ones. Good luck.

    My address is – Inglenook, Hindon Lane, Tisbury, Wiltshire. SP3 6QQ

  3. All the family are responding to save the beds. That’s six of us. We know how stressful it is to have one of the family in hospital a much longer distance away.
    SP7 0JX Woodbridge Mill

  4. I have today filled in the questionnaire. We live in Shaftesbury.
    I have said that this is 2017 and NHS services appear to be going backward.

  5. This will mean that we will not have a hospital anywhere near where we live. We do not have any buses where
    we live and we soon will possible not be able to drive.

  6. These beds need to be saved…….it is absolutely stupid to close the beds when in the larger main hospitals they have a problem with bed blocking…..

  7. My husband and I both filled in a online questionnaire a few weeks ago, expressing our concerns about the CCG proposals for no community beds in this part of Dorset.

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