Save Our Beds! is a group of North Dorset residents who have come together to make the area’s voice heard in the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group’s consultation about the County’s NHS provision.

The current plan for North Dorset is to turn Shaftesbury’s Westminster Memorial hospital into a clinical hub with no beds. These are to be replaced by contracting out beds in local nursing homes with medical care provided by a Flying Squad of medically trained clinical staff visiting patients rather than being on hand and available at all times.

As a rural area we are much further from large hospitals than the 22miles to Salisbury, 21 miles to Yeovil or even 11 miles to Blandford would suggest. Our public transport infrastructure is limited which means residents are reliant upon their cars to get to appointments or visit family and friends in hospital.

The goal of the SoB! Campaign group is to knock on the door of every household in the SP7 area and outline what is being discussed for this our community facilities, provide both the information booklet and consultation document, and offer an explanation of how it is filled in so that the voice of each person within this part of Dorset can be heard.

This massive undertaking is being carried out on a limited timeframe. All consultation documents have to be back to ORS by Tuesday, 28 February 2017, the address is the Freepost one shown on the back of the questionnaire. We are trying to get ‘Street Reps’ out to petition their own street with all the documents we supply. If you would be interested please contact us.